BenJarvus Green-Ellis to lead the Bengals in carries?

The Bengals are moving forward from the Cedric Benson era in Cincinnati and going with a running back tandem of BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Bernard Scott. Green-Ellis was their offseason acquisition from New England and Scott has been their backup for the past few years and someone they’ve said they’d like to get more involved in the offense.

Just how involved each back will be and how this timeshare could work out is yet to be determined but according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Green-Ellis is the favorite to lead the team in carries. This makes some sense as they spent 9 million dollar over 3 years on Green-Ellis coming over from New England and Scott struggled to see the field even when Cedric Benson was struggling. I believe there’s a strong chance he starts the season as the lead back.

However, there’s a good chance BenJarvus Green-Ellis was just the product of the offense around him in New England and that he’ll really struggle on an inferior offense in Cincinnati. In that case, Scott could get more and more carries and eventually end up as the lead back. Whoever leads the team in carries, the Bengals figure to be one of the league’s worst teams on the ground once again. Both BJGE and Scott averaged less than 4 yards per carry last year. It wouldn’t shock me if 6th round rookie Dan Herron started seeing significant carries down the stretch.


0 thoughts on “BenJarvus Green-Ellis to lead the Bengals in carries?

  1. 1. Scott struggled to see the field even when benson was struggling? they split time. benson would get two series then scott would 1. Ignorant
    2. one of the worst teams on the ground again? they just drafted zeitler in the first round who was the best run blocking guard in the draft are you seriously employed as a journalist? is this a real article? if it is you should be fired. i agree that they don’t have real explosive backs but thats all you had to say. benson still had over a 1000 yards last season and he was horrible. not to mention the bengals OL in general is really good. andre smith, kyle cook, whitworth, warton. you are a disgrace


  2. 1. 273 to 112 is split carries? If you only get 30% of the carries to a back who is still unsigned in May, you struggled to see the field, especially since he averaged 3.4 YPC.
    2. Zeitler was the 2nd best run blocking guard after DeCastro. They have a good offensive line, but they had a good offensive line last year and came in 27th in YPC. BJGE and Scott both averaged less than 4 YPC last year. They’ll be in the bottom 3rd of the league in YPC again.


    • clearly the line has improved so why would the ypc not improve, just because zeitler is only the second best guard in the draft makes him irrelevant? you’re argument is that it was good last year but it is definitely better this year. i would say that green-ellis is a little bit better than benson and will probably have a better ypc avg would you agree?


      • a little better, but I’d put them in the bottom 3rd of the league in rushing. they probably have the worst running back talent in the league, but the line is good.


  3. basically the article seems incredibly unlike every other article I’ve seen. most writers agree with me and i realize you’re entitled to your opinion but cmon man. scott is a good back. it seems like you just looked at stats and haven’t watched any games and its pretty weak.


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