Donald Driver expected to work out a restructured deal with Packers

There was speculation earlier in the offseason that long time Packer Donald Driver could be cut, but now it appears that he will be back on a restructured deal. His player rep today said that he expects his client and the Packers to work out a restructured deal after his client is done on Dancing with the Stars. Driver won’t be any higher on the depth chart than 4th behind Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, and James Jones and could be 5th behind 2011 2nd round pick Randall Cobb.

Driver had a mere 37 catches in 2011, his worst total since 2001. However, Driver is a class act and one the Packers’ all-time greats, with 735 catches for 10060 yards and 59 touchdowns over 13 seasons, greatly exceeding expectations as a 7th round pick out of Alcorn State. His 10060 yards ranks tied for 35th all time with Shannon Sharpe.


0 thoughts on “Donald Driver expected to work out a restructured deal with Packers

  1. DD has been an outstanding player for the Packers. His age has caught up with him as he has lost some speed and with that, the ability to get open. He should retire or short of that, the Packers should release him.
    Best of luck DD, you’ve made plenty of money, I hope you’ve saved some so you’re not broke in a few years like many other former players.


    • agree with john completely! time to hang em up DD let the young guys get a chance like you got out oif the seventh know your holding the packers hostage because your so loved by me and all packer fans but make it easy on everyone, hang em up


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