Mickey Loomis promises Saints will get a deal done with Drew Brees

The league’s most prominent contract negotiations right now are between Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. Brees saved the Saints franchise from mediocrity and a possible move from New Orleans, yet the organization is still playing hardball with the single season passing yards record holder. Yesterday, Brees spoke out and called the negotiations, as you could expect, “extremely frustrating.”

Today Saints GM Mickey Loomis spoke out and promised a deal would get done. The Saints would be wise to get a deal done sooner rather than later. Having your quarterback miss any practice is never a good thing and these drawn out negotiations do not paint the front office in a positive light to the rest of the players on the team. The Saints also could really use some good press and karma finally, after an offseason filled with BountyGate news.


0 thoughts on “Mickey Loomis promises Saints will get a deal done with Drew Brees

  1. The people of New Orleans should not show up to any games…If they cant see Drew is the BEST thing to ever happen to us shame on them…Pay the man !!!!


  2. Pay the man Damn it! He makes everyone around him better..he makes the “O” Line better because of his quick reads and release..whattya know every yr we have a pro bowl O lineman because of it. He Makes our WR’s amazing, Not to mention badass jimmy Graham and all the work they do as a unit with drew after practice to get better..drew makes the Defense better by giving them a lead usually and allowing them to take chances on D–blitzing all day and being aggressive in general ..not to mention his jersey sales alone and community work …PAY DREW..


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