Morris Claiborne will not be healthy for Cowboys’ June minicamps

In the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cowboys gave up a 2nd round pick to jump 8 spots to #6 and grab Morris Claiborne, in spite of the fact that he had wrist surgery. Earlier this week, reports said that Claiborne would probably be healthy for the Cowboys June minicamp, but now it sounds like that’s not going to happen. The Cowboys’ say their target for Claiborne is to have him back for Training Camp.

Claiborne figures to be a week 1 starter opposite Brandon Carr, but young cornerbacks can take a bit to develop and he’s misses valuable practice time. With solid depth in Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick, there’s no rush for the Cowboys to start Claiborne week 1 if they feel he’s not ready, but more than likely he will be.


0 thoughts on “Morris Claiborne will not be healthy for Cowboys’ June minicamps

  1. Very Important to be there timing with cohesivenese is vital too the core of the D-fence, so many way’s you can pull off, I believe is going to be the best secendary in the bussiness. Jenkens is good but w/ support, stepping up is going to put all types of pressure wheresome of these players haven’t had any for there hole career, IT IS ON, people are going to be shocked, into believing the hype, i could call it, but with CHURCH, you have shades of a young Roy W.,Sensabad- sneck da freck, will come into he’s own, I say it NOW, 8 INT’s. Between the 3, and a shuffle here and there the box seven will put enough, pressure to cause poor desion making froma number of QB’s this year too go for club breaking Records if not league.I BELIVE AND SO SHOULD YOU !


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