Talk of Eagles cutting LeSean McCoy’s touches a smokescreen?

LeSean McCoy had a career high 321 touches in 2011 (273 carries, 48 catches), up from 285 in 2010 (207 carries, 78 catches). As he is a smaller running back, there was some talk that the Eagles could cut his touches this season, according to Head Coach Andy Reid. This made some sense. The Eagles have been talking up backup Dion Lewis this offseason and added two rookie backs that they really like, Bryce Brown (7th round), and Chris Polk (undrafted).

However, Jeff McLane, a beat writer for the Philadelphia Enquirer, believes this is a smokescreen and that McCoy won’t see a decrease in touches. McLane points out times in the past when Reid would say they’d be reducing Brian Westbrook’s carries, but never would. McCoy is every bit as talented as Westbrook and without the injuries so the Eagles would be wise to use him as much as possible. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has mentioned possibly moving McCoy around more and using him in the slot since he’s such a good pass catcher. He may see less carries, but just as many touches because he’ll catch more passes.




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