49ers no longer considering moving Anthony Davis to guard

After losing Adam Snyder in free agency, the 49ers all of a sudden had a huge hole at right guard. There was speculation earlier this offseason that right tackle Anthony Davis could move to right guard. The organization is very high on former undrafted free agent Alex Boone, a natural tackle, and Davis has struggled in pass protection in 2 years with the team and might be a better fit at guard.

Jim Harbaugh ended any speculation today by saying that the team is no longer considering that. Instead it’ll be Boone moving to guard, where he is currently the front runner for the starting right guard job, again according to Harbaugh. That may be the case for now, but if Davis continues to struggle in the season, the 49ers could make the positional switch with him and Boone.

Davis, the 11th overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, has allowed 21 sacks in 2 season and could end up at guard or off the team if he doesn’t improve in a make or break 3rd season. Jim Harbaugh has shown no loyalty to Mike Singletary guys like Davis, trading Taylor Mays for a pack of peanuts after just one season with the team last offseason.




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