Bears to use the tight end more in 2012

With Mike Martz as their offensive coordinator, the Bears did not use the tight end much in their offense. Martz has never figured out how to incorporate tight ends into his very specific offense, struggling to do so with both Vernon Davis and Greg Olsen. The Bears traded Greg Olsen last season because he didn’t fit with what Martz was trying to do and basically gave up on the tight end position last year. Kellen Davis led the way with 18 catches out of the tight end position.

In 2012, we can expect the Bears to use the tight end more, with Martz gone. The Bears have talked very publicly about how they believe Davis, already a great blocker at 6-7 262, can develop into an every down tight end, capable of producing in the passing game. They also used a 4th round pick on Evan Rodriguez, who can be a passing catching specialist for them at tight end and create mismatches in the seam.

Statements made today from Bears’ 3rd string tight end Matt Speath only solidified the belief that the tight end will be used more this season, as he said, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, that the tight end would be used a lot more in the passing game this year. We do need to consider the source in this situation, but I see no reason why Speath would be wrong.




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