Ravens’ Bryant McKinnie’s goal is to be at 345

Last offseason, Bryant McKinnie showed up to Vikings camp so overweight out of the lockout, almost 400 pounds, that the Vikings cut him even though they didn’t have a true replacement on the roster. This led to them having to sign the mediocre Charlie Johnson to be their left tackle and he predictably struggled, leading to the Vikings using the 4th overall pick on Matt Kalil.

McKinnie got a chance in Baltimore and was able to get into good enough shape to be a solid left tackle for the Ravens, allowing Michael Oher to play right tackle, his more natural position. McKinnie allowed 7 sacks, 29 pressures, and committed 7 penalties in 18 total games. 33 in September, McKinnie was brought back for the 2012 season and has been working very hard to get into even better shape.

He has been meeting with the coaching staff and strength trainers 4 days a week to get to his target weight of 345. He is an a contract year in 2012 and how he plays this season will likely determine whether or not he gets a starting job on the open market in 2013. If not, he may have to retire or wait for an injury somewhere.




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