Lions’ Nick Fairley arrested for DUI

When the Lions selected Nick Fairley 13th overall in 2011, it was viewed as possibly the steal of the draft by many. Fairley was coming off a 12.5 sack season as a defensive tackle for the NCAA Champion Auburn Tigers and was once a candidate for the #1 overall pick. However, he seems to be the exact opposite of a steal so far. He didn’t play much as a rookie thanks to injuries and while the Lions had high hopes for his 2nd season in the league, Fairley doesn’t seem to care.

Earlier this offseason, Fairley was arrested for a marijuana related offense and just when it was starting to look like he’d avoid suspension, after entering in the NFL’s substance abuse program, Fairley was arrested for drunk driving early this morning. He’ll almost definitely face some sort of suspension now and is probably going to be in the Lions’ doghouse again. With plenty of depth at the position, the Lions don’t need Fairley and he could end up having another lost season in 2012.




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