Matt Flynn “by far” Seahawks’ best quarterback in OTAs

Pete Carroll has said it will be a true competition for starting quarterback between incumbent Tarvaris Jackson, free agent acquisition Matt Flynn, and 3rd round rookie Russell Wilson. He’s been true to his word so far, alternating 1st string quarterbacks in OTAs on a daily basis. According to Pro Football Weekly, however, Flynn has been “by far” their best quarterback.

That statement would go along with what everyone has believed since Flynn signed a 3 year, 19.5 million dollar deal with 10 million guaranteed, that he will be their week 1 starter. Carroll loves competition and obviously is not going to name a starter at this point and maybe not until after Training Camp or later, but it wouldn’t shock me if they started giving Flynn more reps with the 1st team in the coming days. It’ll be interesting to see if they do that. I’ve said all along that Flynn will be the starter and Russell Wilson will be the backup, making Jackson and his 4 million dollar salary expendable and leading to his release. Obviously, nothing is set in stone yet.




0 thoughts on “Matt Flynn “by far” Seahawks’ best quarterback in OTAs

  1. Carroll should start Flynn now and quit fooling around, he needs to get used to the number one squad and vise versa. holding him back now could cost games later. Lets win football games,forget about the competition make flynn the starter,Jackson the back up and the midget number 3


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