49ers’ Dashon Goldson wants a deal similar to Eric Weddle

The 49ers franchise tagged Dashon Goldson earlier this offseason, but so far he has skipped all of the 49ers’ voluntary OTAs and reports say he has no plans to come to the Bay Area anytime soon, which sounds like a potential holdout. Now reports, according to CSN Bay Area, say exactly how much Goldson is looking for long term.

Goldson reportedly is seeking a deal similar to the one that Eric Weddle got last offseason, 40 million over 5 years. Goldson is only owed 6.212 million this season under the franchise tag. The 49ers are not expected to offer him anything close to that and they’d be stupid to offer him even half of that. Goldson did make the Pro Bowl last season, but he didn’t do anything before last year. There’s a reason he went unsigned deep into last offseason.

Though Goldson did have 6 picks last year, the 49ers’ strong front 7 is to credit for a lot of that. Goldson was an opportunistic safety, but really struggled in pure one-on-one coverage, ranking 4th in yards allowed among safeties. He’s certainly not worth what Weddle, one of the league’s top safeties on a yearly basis, got last offseason. Goldson wanted a big contract last offseason and the 49ers let him try to find one elsewhere, which he couldn’t, leaving him to settle for a small one year deal in San Francisco. The 49ers could play hardball with Goldson again this offseason. This could be a long holdout.




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