Panthers’ Cam Newton not pleased with his rookie season

Cam Newton had a record breaking rookie season, breaking Peyton Manning’s rookie passing yards record and shattering the all-time single season quarterback rushing touchdown record. He also brought the Panthers back from irrelevance, helping them to a 6-10 record despite awful defense, and giving them a lot of hope for the future. Possibly most importantly, he silenced all the critics who said he had character problems coming off a college career where he got kicked off the Florida football team and then allegedly got pay in exchange to attend Auburn. Well, all the critics except, perhaps, himself.

According to Newton, he was very immature and a bad teammate at times as a rookie. He said he needs to mature and that his pouting and moping was overdoing it. This is the kind of honesty and self critique that I love in young players and I would think I’m not alone in that belief. Newton may have been a “bad teammate” at times as a rookie, but at least he’s conscientious and humble enough to know what he needs to work on, which is not always the case. He clearly has all the respect of his teammates and should continue to improve as a player.




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