Seahawks Chris Clemons to hold out?

Chris Clemons has been noticeably absent from Seahawks’ OTAs and according to ESPN Seattle’s Brock Huard, this is an “abundantly clear” sign that Clemons is seeking a new contract and could hold out into mandatory minicamps. Clemons is owed 4.5 million in the final year of his contract, which makes him highly underpaid.

Clemons has surprisingly emerged as one of the better defensive ends in the league over the last 2 years under Pete Carroll, combining for 24 sacks, 18 quarterback hits, and 97 quarterback pressures.However, the Seahawks won’t want to pay him for what he’s already done as he turns 31 in October so he might not get the big contract he’s seeking. The Seahawks also used a 1st round pick on a defensive end, Bruce Irvin, in the 2012 NFL Draft with the intention of possibly having him take over in Clemons’ role long term.




0 thoughts on “Seahawks Chris Clemons to hold out?

  1. I like Chris Clemons and think he is a very good player, however he agreed to a contract and if you and I decided to “hold Out” and not do our job we would be fired and legally penalized. This is holding up the people that took a chance and perhaps a gamble on whether he had a future and whether he later feels he may be able to get more is irrelevant until he fulfills his contract. Let him walk, cancel the contract and hit the streets working for a living wage. Make is mandatory he sits out the remaining years agree in the contract.


    • disagree. teams can cut a player at any point if he’s not performing up to his contract. if a player exceeds his contract, he has every right to want to be paid fairly, especially heading into a contract year. he doesn’t want to be a free agent next offseason. he wants to stay in seattle.


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