Jets to give Shonn Greene a bunch of carries?

Last season, Shonn Greene had a career high 254 carries with LaDainian Tomlinson in the tail end of his career. Greene turned that into 1054 yards and 6 touchdowns, while catching 30 passes, very underwhelming statistics for the amount of carries he had. There’s a reason the Jets tried to trade up for Trent Richardson. However, after missing out on Richardson and with Tomlinson gone, Greene says he has been led to believe by new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano that he will have another career high in carries.

Even though he’s a pretty marginal back, he’s experienced and the Jets don’t really have another option. Joe McKnight is just a situational player and he is reportedly out of shape, while 6th round pick Terrence Ganaway might be a fullback long term. The Jets haven’t ruled out signing a veteran back, but it doesn’t sound like they will be. Greene has good fantasy football value if he gets a high volume of carries. If Tim Tebow takes over at quarterback, it’ll open up running lanes for Greene the way that he did for Willis McGahee last year and the way that Vince Young used to do for Chris Johnson.




0 thoughts on “Jets to give Shonn Greene a bunch of carries?

  1. Greene has shown he is not the answer, he being the best the jets have hints of problems ahead. He has had his chances, enough is enough.


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