Ravens, Joe Flacco not close on a new deal

The Ravens and Joe Flacco have been discussing a contract extension this offseason as Flacco heads into the final year of his 5 year rookie deal. However, these talks have so far gone nowhere and, according to the Carroll County Times, they aren’t getting any better. The talks were described as “not anywhere close.” This makes sense considering Flacco wants to be paid like a top-5 quarterback and he has so far not performed like that.

The good news for the Ravens is that Flacco is not holding out or anything. He has been at all of the Ravens’ OTAs. The Ravens will probably try to get a deal done with Ray Rice first, as he is not at OTAs. Rice’s demands are also a little bit more reasonable. Flacco and the Ravens might head into 2012 without a new deal. In that case, expect them to use the franchise tag on him next offseason.




0 thoughts on “Ravens, Joe Flacco not close on a new deal

  1. My Opinion: It’s called defimation of Character and premeditated bodily harm towards Flacco for 4 Years by Rice not a Hero in the slightest sense of the word and his buddies he misses that follows his orders not to react to the plays sent into the game huddles. Stand back and let Flacco get pounded to the ground by a street gang dog fight crew instead of protect him, misssed passes, fumbles, penalites to nolify any Flacco gains. Yes they yield right of way to let Rice get thoughs touchdowns HA.it’s on the films yes ESPN has them. There are members on both teams hooked up to react at all games. How many quarterbacks come out of the pack with blood it’s not hard football it’s bounty hunting assault and batteries. Even the coach knows what’s gone on and cateres to anyone that will get him a Super Bowl. Flacco is not a lockeroom buddy of the coach. A deaf dumb and blind man senses (KNOWS) that. the reporters with their blinders on. Do you think McKnapp would have any problem with Rices groopies. not in a million years. IT’S fixed FANS your stupid if you can’t connect the dots.


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