49ers “probably” won’t give Dashon Goldson more than 7 million per year

The San Francisco 49ers franchise tagged Dashon Goldson earlier this offseason after he made the Pro Bowl for the 1st time in his career last season, assuring him 6.2 million in 2012. Goldson has yet to sign the tender nor has he attended 49ers’ voluntary OTAs. In fact, he reportedly has no “immediate plans” to even come to the Bay Area. Goldson is said to be seeking Eric Weddle type money. Weddle, one of the league’s premier safeties, got 40 million over 5 years last offseason from the San Diego Chargers.

According to CSN Bay Area, the 49ers are “probably” unwilling to give Goldson more than 7 million per year. That shows that the two sides are not as far apart as it initially appeared. They may not want to pay him more than 7 million per year, but may budge if Goldson does the same. The two sides could easily meet somewhere in the middle of 35 and 40 million between now and the middle of July, the deadline for Goldson to sign his tender.

This is surprising given how the 49ers have played hardball with Goldson in the past. They refused to give him a long term deal last offseason, letting him seek one elsewhere before eventually returning to the 49ers for just 2 million over 1 year. Goldson did make the Pro Bowl last year on the strength of 6 interceptions, but he was one of the more frequently burned safeties in coverage last year, giving up more receiving yards than every safety in the league with the exception of 3. His high amount of interceptions had a lot to do with the 49ers’ strong front 7. Any deal paying him 7-8 million per year would be too much for him, especially since he really only has had one good season in his career.




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