Browns never actually interested in Matt Flynn, Ryan Tannehill, and Robert Griffin?

According to ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi, the Browns were never actually interested in Matt Flynn or Ryan Tannehill and that their interest in Robert Griffin was never serious. This report reeks of the Browns trying to sell to their fan base the fact that they had to “settle” for the oldest 1st round pick ever, Brandon Weeden. The Browns did a similar thing earlier this offseason, saying that they had no interest in adding any free agents only after they desperately tried and eventually failed to sign Pierre Garcon.

I can buy that the Browns didn’t view Matt Flynn as a starter and weren’t sold on Ryan Tannehill being worth the 4th overall pick, but reports earlier this offseason said the Browns desperately tried to match the Redskins offer for the Rams pick, to grab Robert Griffin, with no luck. The Browns are now left with Brandon Weeden, who is impressing in OTAs, but he was far from a polished prospect coming out of Oklahoma State and turns 29 this season.

The Browns didn’t even originally plan on drafting Weeden 22nd overall, instead desiring Kendall Wright, who went two picks earlier. The Browns are counting on Weeden, Trent Richardson, and breakout season from Greg Little to add life to an offense that ranked 30th in the league with 13.6 points per game, despite nailing 7 50+ yard field goals and turning the ball over a mere 19 times.




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