Ty Warren restructures with Broncos

Ty Warren has missed the entirety of the last 2 seasons with two separate injuries so there was no chance he was seeing the 4 million he was owed this season. After taking a while to decide, Warren has agreed to restructure his deal, in exchange for not being cut. Warren must have realized that the Broncos were the neediest team in the league at defensive tackle and that he wouldn’t have gotten more money or playing time elsewhere.

It was not immediately released how much Warren agreed to lower his salary to, but the Broncos wanted him to restructure down to 1-1.5 million. If healthy, he could still make an impact in a situational role in 2012 for the Broncos, who are incredibly thin at defensive tackle after losing both Brodrick Bunkley and Marcus Thomas this offseason.




0 thoughts on “Ty Warren restructures with Broncos

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