Cardinals in no rush to name a starting quarterback

The Cardinals are one of several teams holding a competition for starting quarterback this offseason. They traded a 2nd round pick and a starting cornerback for Kevin Kolb last offseason and gave him a 5 year deal worth max 63 million, but John Skelton arguably outplayed him last season, putting up similar stats and going 6-2, as opposed to 2-6 for Kevin Kolb.

When asked about the situation today, Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt says he’s in no rush to name a starting quarterback and admitted that the competition could go deep into the preseason, possibly even to the 3rd week. The Cardinals really seem like they have no idea who they’re quarterback will be and want to take as long as possible to make sure they pick the right one and that they’ll be able to count on him for 16 games. Both are splitting 1st teams reps evenly, and, while Ken Whisenhunt admits he wants Kolb to win the starting job because of how much the team invested in him, he’ll pick the quarterback he thinks he will him the most games. Another bad year could put Whisenhunt on the hot seat.




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