Former Eagles President Joe Banner “laughing” at DeSean Jackson deal

Joe Banner was let go as the Eagles’ President earlier this month, after many successful years with the team. According to Boston Globe reported Greg Bedard, Banner is “having a good laugh” at the DeSean Jackson deal. This suggests that the phasing out of Banner and takeover of complete control by Head Coach Andy Reid and GM Howie Roseman began before this offseason, when Jackson was extended. Bedard says that Banner “never would have done that deal.”

It certainly was peculiar when the Eagles signed Jackson to a 47 million dollar deal over 5 years after a down season, even though he was completely fine playing out the season under the 9.515 million dollar franchise tender. That being said, the stress relief that comes with a new deal might be just what the doctor ordered for Jackson, if you believe his struggles last year were due to him feeling snubbed by the Eagles by not getting a long term deal. We’ll have to see if he bounces back this season.




0 thoughts on “Former Eagles President Joe Banner “laughing” at DeSean Jackson deal

  1. Boy you media people are just ridiculous with your he said she said. Banner is still with the Eagles as a consultant so why would he be saying the things you claim, I know you are hoping the Eagles fail but all you are doing is pushing them to their destiny. Thanks for that, but the truth of what is going on in the Eagles organization you will never know, you just keep speculating. Gossip columnist.


    • Just passing on reports and providing opinions on them. And if I wanted the Eagles to fail, why would I have them ranked 3rd in my Power Rankings. The fact that I am “hoping the Eagles fail” is just a baseless claim and a stupid conclusion to jump to.


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