Chris Clemons wants Cameron Wake money from the Seahawks

Chris Clemons is one of only a few official holdouts right now, after missing the entirety of last week’s minicamp in protest of his contract. Clemons is owed 4.5 million in the final year of a 5 year deal in 2012, which makes him underpaid considering the 24 sacks, 18 quarterback hits, and 97 quarterback pressures he’s produced over the last 2 seasons.

According to Pro Football Weekly, Clemons is looking for Cameron Wake type money from the Seahawks. Wake received a 4 year extension worth max of 49 million from the Dolphins earlier this offseason, which is significantly more than the 18 million over 3 years that the Seahawks reportedly offered Clemons earlier this week.

Given that, this could be a lengthy holdout as the Seahawks feel Clemons is an aging player and a product of their system, while Clemons feels he’s one of the league’s elite at his position. The Seahawks used a 1st round pick on Bruce Irvin, but would really miss Clemons if he were to hold out into the season or get out of shape because of a lengthy holdout. His 11 sacks were a third of the 33 sacks that the Seahawks managed last season.




0 thoughts on “Chris Clemons wants Cameron Wake money from the Seahawks

  1. Let him holdout…and not get paid!!! He signed a contract and has a legal obligation to fulfill it.

    Would Clemons agree to a paycut on his final year of the contract if he was underperforming and a backup to a different starter??? Heck no.

    Bottom line is Clemons really knows he is average at best, (unless he is a legend in his own mind), and no other team would be willing to pay what he is demanding. So if he has an agent with a brain, he should convince Clemons of the reality of his situation as an aging player…and either he plays at an all-pro level next season and get rewarded with a new contract or new team…or he joins the ranks of aging players whose skills are diminshing and looking for a team to play for to avoid going bankrupt.


    • Agree with everything except that he has a legal obligation to fulfill his contract. Teams ask guys to take pay cuts all the time if they’re underperforming and cut them if they don’t agree. I just don’t think Clemons is worth as much as he thinks and the Seahawks know it.


  2. We just witnessed the two best years of CC’s career. For once, Seattle, don’t pay someone for what they DID when they were in their prime. Trade him, and one of the four QB’s, for a younger DE.


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