Texans want Matt Schaub to prove he’s healthy before extending him

As he heads into a contract year, the Texans reportedly want to see Matt Schaub, who is coming off a season ending foot injury, prove he can stay healthy before they give him a long term deal. Schaub is a very talented quarterback who has thrown 98 touchdowns to 58 interceptions, completed 64.3% of his passes and averaged 7.9 YPA in his career. However, for a variety of reasons, he’s never played in a playoff game as he heads into his age 31 season and he’s had issues with durability in the past, missing at least 5 games in 3 of the last 5 seasons.

The Texans have high expectations heading into this season, after making the playoffs even after Schaub got hurt last year. With a strong supporting cast, he has the potential to take this team deep into the playoffs, but he’ll have to stay healthy. If he can do that, the Texans will have no problem slapping him with the franchise tag next offseason and paying him among the league’s elite quarterbacks. He’ll have to prove he’s capable of that first.




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