Maurice Jones Drew could report to Jaguars before Training Camp

Maurice Jones Drew was one of only a few players to skip his team’s mandatory minicamp last month, but ESPN’s John Clayton believes that MJD could report to Training Camp on time because “he now realizes the team is going to do nothing as far as giving him anything on a contract.” The Jaguars have said that they will not even talk contract with MJD and that they want him to fulfill his commitment, even though he has exceeded his contract and they would have cut him had he not, like they did with former teammate Aaron Kampman, along countless others.

Early speculation was that MJD would be angered by that and could have a holdout that rivaled the one that Chris Johnson had last year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as MJD appears to be putting this season above his own finances. If he is there for the start as Training Camp, it’ll be a boost for his fantasy value as he’d no longer run the risk out getting out of shape like Chris Johnson did. He’s still hurt by the offense he’s on and the fact that he led the league in carries last year. If he doesn’t get a deal this offseason, he’ll likely to try again next offseason as he heads into a contract year in 2013. He’s owed a mere 4.45 million this year.




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