Saints, Drew Brees more than 10 million apart in guaranteed money

With 5 days left to sign a long term deal, the Saints and Drew Brees are reportedly close on maximum money, but remain more than 10 million apart in guaranteed money. According to the Associated Press, the Saints and Brees have essentially agreed to a 5 year deal, worth max of 100 million dollars, which would make him the highest paid player in the NFL and keep signed through his age 37 since in 2016. However, the two sides remain far apart on guarantees and how to structure the contract.

The AP also seconds a report that Brees will not report to Training Camp without a new deal, which would be a major hit to the team’s already fragile chemistry and morale. This deal will get done right before the deadline, if at all. If he remains unsigned, Brees will be a free agent next offseason and would be owed over 23 million in 2013 if franchised again, so Brees would appear to have all of the leverage. Needless to say, they have to get this deal done, even if it means potentially slightly overpaying Brees in his twilight years. He’s been underpaid for years and is well worth 20+ million per year currently.




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