49ers, Dashon Goldson have not made progress

On the same day that one Bay Area franchise safety signed long term (Tyvon Branch of the Raiders), it is reported that another one, Dashon Goldson, and the San Francisco 49ers have not made any progress, this according to CSN Bay Area. There are no shortage of deals being signed by safeties in the past calendar year for the two sides to use as reference as Michael Huff, Michael Griffin, Tyvon Branch, and Eric Weedle have all signed deals in the range of 4-5 years, 6.5-8 million yearly, and 15-19 million guaranteed. Things have looked bleak for the two sides all offseason and Goldson even admitted earlier this week that he may have to play out the season under the 6.2 million dollar franchise tag.

It’s definitely possible that the 49ers just slapped him with the franchise tag to give him a one year “prove it” deal as last year’s Pro Bowl year was his only good year (last offseason he had to sign for a small 1 year deal). On top of that, they may feel his strong season in 2011 was the result of incredible play upfront from the front 7. The fact that he was actually one of the most frequently beaten safeties in the league last year (4th most yards surrendered with 458, and 5th most touchdowns surrendered with 4) despite his 6 interceptions supports this. ProFootballFocus graded him 71st among 84 safeties in coverage, though he was above average against the run.




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