Titans’ Kenny Britt has surgery on other knee, gets arrested

Titans’ receiver Kenny Britt did not have a good week. First, he underwent knee surgery on his left knee, after previously having 2 knee surgeries on his right knee in a 10 month period. The knee surgery was minor as shouldn’t cause him to miss any time, though another procedure like that is hardly good news. What could cause him to miss time is the fact that he was also arrested this week for DUI.

That arrest brings his total up to 8 since entering the league in 2009. Though he’s never been suspended, he easily could have been last season, after getting arrested 3 times last offseason. However, Roger Goodell decided to not to punish players for what happened during the lockout. This time around, he won’t be so likely and if Goodell takes his whole history into account, including what happened during the lockout, it could be a lengthy suspension, up to 4 games even.

Britt is an incredibly talented player who has caught 56 passes for 1146 yards and 12 touchdowns over his last 14 full games. However, the other numbers, 3 and 8, are just are important, with 3 obviously being the amount of knee surgeries he’s had in the last 10 months and 8 being the amount of times he’s been arrested since entering the league. His fantasy stock is trending down right now, while the stock of Nate Washington, who had a 1000 yard season in Britt’s absence last year, and Kendall Wright, a rookie who would move into the starting lineup if Britt missed time, is trending up.





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