Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade DT Brian Price to Chicago Bears

Trade for Buccaneers: Brian Price was a 2nd round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, but I still love this trade for them. Price played horribly last season, ranking 83rd at his position out of 89 on ProFootballFocus. The Buccaneers have adequate depth with Amobi Akoye and Gary Gibson, two underrated players, so he won’t really be missed much.

He was also having discipline problems. He’s been out of shape and injured and was ejected after being penalized last season. This offseason, he started a fight with Mark Barron in practice. Discipline was a major problem for the Buccaneers as a whole last season under Raheem Morris. I like that new Head Coach Greg Schiano is running a much tighter ship and making an example out of Price.

Price’s discipline problems are understandable because he’s had an incredibly tough life, losing two brothers earlier in his life and losing his sister in a car accident this offseason, after which he had to be hospitalized for exhaustion and grief. So in that way, it’s sad that it had to come to this for Price. However, he’ll get a fresh start in Chicago, so, in that way, this will be good for him.

Grade: A

Trade for Chicago: As for Chicago, this is a “why not” cheap trade. They didn’t give very much up for him and maybe a fresh start is all he needs. Remember, he was a 2nd round pick just 2 years ago. He’s got talent and if anyone can get it out of him, it’s defensive line coach Rod Marinelli and Chicago Bears. He also fills a bit of a need at defensive tackle.

Grade: A




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