July 27th Fantasy Football Stock Report (Pittsburgh Steelers Edition)

WR Mike Wallace DOWN

Mike Wallace will either play out the season under his one year tender or be traded. Regardless of whether or not he gets traded, Wallace’s fantasy value could take a major hit this season. If he reports, it’ll likely be after a long holdout, which could led to him getting out of shape and will cost him valuable time learning the playbook, while other receivers like Brown and Sanders are gaining greater mastery of Todd Haley’s new system. He could also hold out into the season.

If he gets traded, he’ll be traded to a team likely with an inferior quarterback and receivers have a poor track record when switching teams, especially this close to the season. It takes time to learn a playbook and get adjusted to a quarterback. I’d let him be someone else’s problem in fantasy leagues, especially at his current ADP in the early 4th round.

WR Antonio Brown UP

If Wallace is traded or holds out into the season, Brown immediately becomes the #1 receiver. Even Wallace isn’t traded, Brown could still be the #1 receiver because he’ll have better mastery of Todd Haley’s new offense and because he won’t run the risk of getting out of shape. He’s heading into his 3rd year, normally a big breakout year for receivers. He should have career highs across the board.

WR Emmanuel Sanders UP

If Wallace holds out into the season or gets traded, Sanders would move into the starting lineup. At the very least, he’s a valuable handcuff for Wallace owners. He’s got a lot of upside late in fantasy drafts. He’s plenty talented and also heading into his 3rd year in the league. Even if Wallace reports before the season starts, he could be a bigger part in the offense because he’ll know the offense better than Wallace and he won’t run the risk of getting out of shape. Todd Haley’s offenses typically feature lots of 3-wide receiver sets anyway, like with Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Breaston in Arizona.




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