Santana Moss shows up at 189 pounds for Redskins’ Training Camp

Santana Moss has had a remarkable turnaround this offseason. Once seen as a player on the roster bubble, after the additions of Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, Moss was kept over Jabar Gaffney, who is younger and was more productive last year. Moss then got himself into fantastic shape and really impressed in offseason practices. Now he has shown up at 189 pounds (at 5-10) for Training Camp, down roughly 15 pounds from last season, when he admits he was out of shape and overweight.

Moss is currently working as the primary slot receiver only, while 2011 3rd round pick Leonard Hankerson works as the starter opposite Pierre Garcon. However, he’s in the competition for the starting job with Hankerson and, to some extent, Morgan. Hankerson is inexperienced and Morgan is marginal at best, so Moss definitely has a chance to be the week 1 starter opposite Pierre Garcon.

Some even speculate that he could lead the team in receiving. I give him an outside shot of doing that because Pierre Garcon has never been a #1 receiver and because receivers switching teams don’t have a great track record. However, doing so would require him to have a bounce back year at age 33 after catching 46 passes for 584 yards and 4 touchdowns last year. That’s possible (see Smith, Steve), but not likely. He is less than 2 years removed from catching 89 passes in 2010, however. I think he’ll finish the season as the Redskins’ 3rd leading receiver behind Garcon and tight end Fred Davis.




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