Indianapolis Colts trade CB Kevin Thomas and a 7th round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for MLB Moise Fukou and MLB Greg Lloyd

Trade for Indianapolis: The Colts needed middle linebacker depth after losing AJ Edds to a torn ACL earlier  this week, so they acquired Greg Lloyd and Moise Fukou from the Eagles. However, neither of these guys ever play and the Colts had to give up Kevin Thomas, which depletes their depth at cornerback even more. Thomas wasn’t very good last season, but he was a 2010 3rd round pick and he competing for the starting job with Justin King.

Now King will be given the starting job, which is bad because he was ProFootballFocus’ worst rated cornerback last season. They also have no depth at the position right now. Their top 3 cornerbacks will be Jerraud Powers, Justin King, and Cassius Vaughn this season. That’s going to be a dream for opposing quarterbacks.

It doesn’t make sense to give up on a 2010 3rd round pick and deplete your depth at an important position like cornerback just for two scarcely used linebackers. Linebacker is not nearly as important of a position and neither of these guys have any experience in a 3-4. They also surrendered a 7th round pick in the trade. Fukou and Lloyd might not have been worth a 7th round pick alone. You can find guys like that still available in free agency or on anyone’s practice squad.

Grade: C

Trade for Philadelphia: Neither of the guys they gave up were going to have any impact this season. In fact, they were both on the roster bubble. Thomas isn’t going to have much of an impact either, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit more cornerback depth and Thomas still has some upside as a 2010 3rd round pick, despite missing 2010 with injuries and struggling in 2011. They also picked up a 7th round pick. That’s not bad. They won this deal.

Grade: A




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