Seattle Seahawks sign WR Terrell Owens

I don’t understand this signing at all. TO is done. We saw it in 2010 and he’s not going to be any better 2 years and a torn ACL later, after a year out of football. In 2010, he did catch 72 passes for 983 yards and 9 touchdowns, but he did that on 132 targets (54.5%) and 10 balls targeted for him ended up getting intercepted. Carson Palmer was just forcing him the football, which is why he led the league in interceptions that year and the Bengals went 4-12. He also dropped 8 passes.

Terrell Owens is one of the greatest receivers of all time, but father time is undefeated. Eventually, everyone is done and, heading into his age 39 season, TO is definitely done. Of the top 30 leading receivers of all time, only 3 others have played into their age 39 season or later: Jerry Rice, Charlie Joiner, Joey Galloway. Only Rice (83/1139/9) was productive in his age 39 season. Joiner caught 34 passes for 440 yards and 2 touchdowns, while Galloway caught 12 passes for 173 yards and didn’t score.

Unless Terrell Owens is secretly his former teammate Rice, he’s not going to have any positive impact this season at age 39. He may rank 2nd all-time in receiving yards, but he’s 6961 yards back of 1st place Rice, who is just on a completely different level. He’s actually closer to Mark Clayton and Fred Biletnikoff, who are tied for 51st place, than he is to Rice.

All he’s going to for the Seahawks is steal reps and snaps from young receivers looking for a chance to prove themselves, guys like Golden Tate, a 2010 2nd round pick, Kris Durham, a 2011 4th round pick, and Ricardo Lockette, a talented 2011 undrafted free agent. It’s not like the Seahawks are contending for a Super Bowl or anything this season and even if they were, Owens wouldn’t be much help. On top of that, he could prove to be a locker room cancer as he’s been elsewhere in the NFL (and Arena League), which is not a good thing, especially on a young team with a young quarterback. He might not, like he didn’t in Buffalo, but even then, he’d be no help, especially coming in so close to the season.

This is a move that wreaks of desperation for a team who lacks proven receivers after Sidney Rice, who has yet to be cleared for contact. So far this month, they’ve signed Antonio Bryant (last catch 2009), cut Antonio Bryant, signed Braylon Edwards, and signed TO. I liked the Edwards signing because at age 29, he’s still got some bounce back potential. TO doesn’t. I’m going to say the same thing about this signing that I said about the Ochocinco signing. The best way this can end is if TO gets cut in camp.

Grade: D




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