Browns’ Trent Richardson will undergo knee surgery

More bad news for the Browns, at the same time they found out that star cornerback Joe Haden could be suspended for 4 games, Trent Richardson will have to undergo surgery on his left knee. That surgery is just a scope so it’s as minor as it comes, but this is the 2nd time that knee has been operated on this year, so it’s not what you want to see from the player you just spent the 3rd overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft on.

The Browns expect Richardson to be back for the opener, but that’s not certain and it’s definitely possible he’ll miss a couple games at some point this season with lingering knee pain. The Browns could also scale back his workload early in September. As talented as Richardson is, rookie running backs have had trouble adjusting to a 16-game NFL season in recent years as 1st round pick running backs have averaged just have just averaged 165 carries as rookies since 2007. It’s important to keep fantasy predictions for him conservative as a rookie. Montario Hardesty, who is reportedly finally healthy, makes for an interesting handcuff and potential late round sleeper.




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