Cardinals’ Beanie Wells still having trouble cutting in practice

Though Beanie Wells had what was called minor knee surgery way back in January, he has yet to play in a preseason game. An injury prone player who apparently is a slow healer, Wells is reportedly still struggling to cut in practice, according to XTRA 910 Arizona’s Mike Jurecki. In spite of this, Wells is expected to suit up for his 1st preseason game this week, but will see limited reps like Ryan Williams, also coming off a knee injury, did last week.

Wells is definitely no sure thing to play all 16 games this season and with a talented backup in Ryan Williams behind him, it’s definitely possible he could lose his starting job or at least significant carries this season, possibly even early in the season. Williams, a 2011 2nd round pick coming off a knee injury that cost him all of 2011, has looked very good in practice and rushed for 25 yards on 5 carries last week in his first preseason action. He’s a nice fantasy sleeper in the mid to late rounds if you can get him there. Wells, meanwhile, is being overdrafted with a 7th round ADP.

If you’re interested in doing a fantasy football league with me, here’s the link (no draft date set yet, currently standard, with the option to become PPR with group vote).




0 thoughts on “Cardinals’ Beanie Wells still having trouble cutting in practice

  1. Dear Whiz ..or Wiz or Whatever,

    As a season seat holder who flies in from California for every, okay most..I mean many home games, It initially disturbed me that you cut your starting QB, who was a first round pick and knew the offense enough to be able to win at Tenn (although the defense was not good enough to stop Tenn.) and score the only TD in a blowout game at NE (and prevent Warner from having his first shut-out) this year and replaced him with a 3rd tier QB who was not even in the top 50% of the Pac10 QBs and professionally even a more marginal player. To add insult to injury you got -0-, zero, zilch for him.

    Seeing your prized super-bowl team dismantled piece by piece to free agency and coaching losses and over the last two years witnessing your inability to replace key talent in even the most basic positions like guys who can tackle, defend the pass and block.

    Now that we have big issues in many places on the team, it seems that the parade keeps moving on with now a very unhappy running back who seems to be our power back in your offensive scheme. Maybe blocking drills for the “O” line might be considered to assist these guys on game day?

    Lastly, I am sure you don’t talk to Mr. Haley so maybe you can replicate the schemes that assisted you in taking the AZ Cardinals to the Superbowl using Denny Greens players. Hope you tenure here in Az is long and financially beneficial to you (with your contract extension) and that your players don’t know the word “Mutiny”.


    A Worried Season Seat Holder from California


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