Colts’ Austin Collie has no plans to retire

Austin Collie suffered his 4th concussion in 21 months last week, leading many to call for him to retire. However, the concussion is seemingly as minor as they come and with concussions, there’s a greater importance on severity of concussions than number of concussions. He’s reportedly felt “really good” since and the Colts are calling him just “day-to-day” and have not ruled him out for the opener yet. Collie said today, and confirmed by his father, that he will continue to play “so long as the Colts will have him,” which it seems like they will.

I think anyone calling for Collie to retire is ridiculous. Yes, concussions are serious matters, but people seem to like to pretend to be a doctor and pretend they know what’s best for Collie. This is a matter that should be decided between Collie, his doctors, and no one else. If he wants to continue playing and gets cleared medically to do so, why shouldn’t he be allowed to decide to do that? Football is obviously very important to him and he should be allowed to spend his life the way he chooses to live it.

In fantasy leagues, Collie remains a major fantasy sleeper. He’s a very talented football player who has great chemistry with quarterback Andrew Luck. In 2010, he caught 58 passes for 649 yards and 8 touchdowns in only 9 games because of injuries. Injuries also knocked him out of several games, so he didn’t play 9 full games. In fact, Collie managed just 286 routes run in 2010 because of injuries and yet still had good production. Collie ranked 9th in the NFL in yards per route run with 2.27.

In 2011, he didn’t mesh with any of the new quarterbacks and lost his starting job and ended up being the Colts’ 3rd receiver on a poor passing offense and his stats showed that as he caught just 54 passes for 514 yards and a touchdown, though he did play all 16 games. However, Pierre Garcon is gone so the starting job is Collie’s so long as he’s healthy and he’ll mesh much better with Andrew Luck than any of their quarterbacks last year because Luck is a similar style quarterback to Peyton Manning.

Their only other non-rookie receivers are Donnie Avery, who has caught just 3 passes in the last 2 seasons because of injuries, and Reggie Wayne, who is heading into his age 34 season, which is right around when even elite wide receivers see their abilities fall off a cliff. At his current ADP in the 11th round, he’s definitely worth the risk as a sleeper and will be worth that pick assuming he plays most of the Colts’ games.

If you’re interested in doing a fantasy football league with me, here’s the link (no draft date set yet, currently standard, with the option to become PPR with group vote).




0 thoughts on “Colts’ Austin Collie has no plans to retire

  1. Agreed. It’s his decision to make and it seems the Colts support him. Perhaps there’s something the equipment guys can do with his helmet to give him some extra protection because he is becoming synonomous with the word concussion. Seems like someone takes their finger and gives Austin’s head a flick he has another one.
    I like Collie, he could have a major impact on the offense and a big year if he can stay on the field. He seems to be the kind of WR that comes out of nowhere to make a big catch when it’s needed.


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