Bills’ Steve Johnson could be limited by groin injury

Steve Johnson is becoming a notorious Darrelle Revis killer; he’s as notorious for that as he is for his premature touchdown dances. Johnson caught 3 passes for 84 yards, all against Revis, week 9 last year, and then another 8 catches for 75 yards and a touchdown, again all against Revis, week 12 last year. That touchdown was the only touchdown Revis allowed last year and those 11 catches accounted for 31.4% of the 35 catches that Johnson allowed last year. The 159 yards were 31.3% of the 508 yards he allowed. Unsurprisingly, those two games against the Bills were Revis’ 2 worst yardage games of the season.

However, there’s a chance the “Revis Killer” could be limited for the season opener against Revis and the Jets with groin problems. He was limited in practice throughout the week, although he says he’s not concerned, even though this injury caused him problems last year, saying “I’m not concerned at all about having to deal with this like I did last year.” He might just be down playing the injury and I can‘t see how this isn’t related to the problems he was having this year.

They need him to be 100%, not just because he’s a “Revis Killer”, but because he’s an overall talented receiver on a team that lacks receiving depth. Over the past 2 seasons, he’s caught 158 passes for 2077 yards and 17 touchdowns and was given a well deserved 5 year, 36.25 million dollar deal worth 18.05 million guaranteed this offseason. However, they only have 3 other receivers behind him on the depth chart, 4 if you count wildcat quarterback Brad Smith.

Donald Jones, an inexperienced 2010 undrafted free agent, will start opposite Johnson. He has 41 catches for 444 yards and 2 touchdowns in 2 seasons. Their 2nd leading receiver last year was David Nelson, who caught 61 passes for 658 yards and 5 touchdowns. He’ll play in the slot. In an attempt to fix their wide receiver problems, they used a 3rd round pick on TJ Graham, but he’s just 4th on the depth chart, which makes sense because the raw receiver was only a 1 year starter in college.

Tight end Scott Chandler doesn’t offer much as a pass catcher either, especially outside of the red zone, as he caught 38 passes for 389 yards and 6 touchdowns last year. Johnson played fine through a similar injury last year, so it’s not a huge issue. However, if Johnson isn’t 100% or Revis is able to shut him down, the Bills could have a lot of trouble moving the ball through the air against the Jets, though they can still win since the Jets should have the same problems.




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