Tim Tebow could ask for trade from Jets?

There was a media stir created this week when the New York Daily News reported that an NFL source told them that Tim Tebow could ask for a trade at the end of the season. The media goes crazy over Tim Tebow even when there’s nothing newsworthy going on with him, so you can imagine how they reacted once they found out that something newsworthy actually might be going on with him.

However, I believe this is all just media hype and possibly a completely made up story. When the Broncos traded Tebow, they gave him a choice between the interested parties and he chose the Jets (over the Jaguars) because he thought they gave him the best chance to start long term. I highly doubt that’s changed after just 1 game. And frankly, if Tebow no longer thinks he can beat out Mark Sanchez, you have to wonder who he does think he can beat out. Sanchez had a good game last week, but his career history has been generally mediocre and inconsistent. He could easily fall flat on his face this week against Pittsburgh. This is a non-story right now and I still expect Tebow to eventually be the starter in New York, once the team starts struggling.




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