Giants’ Andre Brown has earned a time share with Ahmad Bradshaw?

Andre Brown is having a nice week or so. On Sunday, Ahmad Bradshaw went down with an injury midgame against the Giants and because Tim Coughlin didn’t trust 1st round rookie David Wilson because of ball security and pass protection issues, he put the more veteran Andre Brown in the game. Brown impressed, rushing for 71 yards and a touchdown on 13 carries and he earned the start on Thursday Night Football with Bradshaw being ruled out on a short week.

Brown impressed even more last night, rushing for 113 yards and 2 touchdowns on 20 carries. Brown’s two starts have come against bad defenses, but there’s no way that you could have watched his two performances and not come away impressed, especially given his history. The powerful 227 pound back has been cut 7 times in his NFL career after being a 4th round pick in 2009 out of NC State by the Giants. He’s dealt with an Achilles tear and a ton of adversity, but now he’s burst onto the scene and it appears he might be here to stay. Bradshaw is expected back next week, but Brown could have earned a time share with him. He’s the power back compliment to Bradshaw that they were previously lacking with Brandon Jacobs going to San Francisco.

People who picked Andre Brown up for the week for a spot start should not cut him even when Bradshaw returns and if he’s still available in your league, go grab him. It’s entirely possible that Brown earns a weekly role, especially around the goal line, and Bradshaw’s injury history is noted. Bradshaw owners, meanwhile, should considering trying to trade Bradshaw now for a more consistent starter if you can get one, because a time share will make Bradshaw no longer worth a weekly start. David Wilson owners, meanwhile, should just cut him. Tom Coughlin doesn’t trust rookies and he’s well behind both Brown and Bradshaw now. He may still have some value in leagues that don’t redraft, but don’t expect much of any impact from him this season. Even with Bradshaw out, he saw just 3 touches against Carolina.




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