Jacksonville Jaguars: 2013 Free Agents and Candidates for Release

Top Free Agents

OLB Daryl Smith

ProFootballFocus’ 2nd ranked 4-3 outside linebacker in 2011, injuries limited Smith to just 117 snaps this season. Already one of the NFL’s most underrated players, he could be an excellent buy low candidate this season for a team in need of a new starter at outside linebacker, but he turns 31 in April, so that’s something to be aware of.

FB Greg Jones

Fullbacks don’t get a lot of attention, but Jones has been one of the best at his position for several years. This year, he ranked 11th among fullbacks on ProFootballFocus. The biggest issue is that he’s 32 in April, but fullbacks rarely get long term contracts anyway, so signing him to a short term deal this off-season would be smart, both for the Jaguars and for any other fullback needy team.

CB Derek Cox

Derek Cox has flashed. For instance, in 5 and ½ starts in an injury plagued 2011 season, he allowed just 9 completions for 105 yards on 28 attempts and deflected 3 passes. However, the 2009 3rd round pick has also been incredibly inconsistent and injury prone. He has starter’s talent, so it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll get a starting job and starters money this off-season.

DT Terrance Knighton

A rotational tackle, Knighton is a better pass rusher than run stopper, which is weird considering his size (317). He’s had durability, weight, and off the field issues in the past, but he seems to have put most of that behind him and he’s a solid rotational tackle.

C Brad Meester

Meester has been solid forward, but he turns 36 in March and he was terrible in 2012, ranking 35th out of 36 eligible centers on ProFootballFocus. He might retire. If he doesn’t, the Jaguars may bring him back as their center for a 14th season out of loyalty, but it’s hard to see anyone else giving him a starting job this off-season.

G Eben Britton

A 2nd round pick in 2009, Britton was a solid right tackle for a couple of years, but after an injury plagued 2011 season, he moved to left guard in 2012 and he was miserable at best. Even though he didn’t play enough snaps to qualify, he was still ProFootballFocus’ 5th worst rated guard. He split time at left guard with Mike Brewster, who was the 2nd worst rated guard. He’ll only get interest on the open market as a reclamation project.

The Rest

RB Rashad Jennings
RB Jalen Parmele
TE Maurice Stovall
G Steve Vallos
CB William Middleton
CB Rashean Mathis
S Chris Harris

Candidates for Release

MLB Paul Posluszny

Both of these two players are long shots to actually be cut. But the Jaguars have a ton of cap space and no obvious candidates for release and neither of these two players are worth their 2013 salary, so I’ll list them here. Posluszny is normally a solid middle linebacker, but this year he was ProFootballFocus’ 47th ranked middle linebacker out of 53. He’s owed 6.45 million in 2013 and the Jaguars will obviously be hoping for a bounce back year, but if he plays like this again, he won’t be worth close to that amount.

S Dawan Landry

Landry wasn’t quite as bad at his respective position as Posluszny, but he still ranked 71st out of 88 eligible safeties. 31 this year, he’s probably not getting any better any time soon and while he might not be cut owed 5.35 million this season, it could be a different story in 2014, when he’ll be owed that same amount once again.


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