Tips for betting on the new NFL season

By Benjamin Collins

The new NFL season doesn’t begin until September of this year, but already the odds and futures betting for the new season have started, which reflects the popularity of betting on the NFL amongst fans of both the sport and gambling. However, although it can be hard to resist getting in on the action early, by putting down bets on the winners of the AFC, NFC and Super Bowl well in advance, it is worth at least considering whether that is the smartest way of betting on the NFL.

After all, should you hold off until the season has started you will get the opportunity to see whether pre-season favourites like the New England Patriots (3/1 for the AFC and 8/1 for the Super Bowl), and the San Francisco 49ers (9/2 for the NFC and 8/1 for the Super Bowl) actually produce the form to justify these odds. If they do their odds will remain at the same level, while if they don’t, you can avoid losing out like all those who bet on last season’s pre-season favourites the Denver Broncos. If you are unwilling to wait until the actual season starts, it can at least be advisable to wait until after the draft at the end of April – as this will give you a better idea of how strong the teams will be going into the new season.

The evidence suggests that the Patriots will still be looking strong after the draft, as they have money to spend on strengthening, but the Broncos were clear pre-season favourites last time round. Waiting before betting can pay dividends, and there are plenty of other options – such as the $5 Million Touchdown NFL slots game available at an online casino site – to keep you amused while you are waiting. From the reel icons shaped like football players, whistles and cheerleaders, to the bonus game involving passing a ball to score a touchdown – this game has everything for NFL fans. It should also appeal to betting fans in general, thanks to the huge maximum cash jackpot that can potentially be won by playing it.


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