Chicago Bears sign OT Jermon Bushrod

Jermon Bushrod was someone I felt would get overpaid and sure enough he did. Bushrod may be a two-time Pro-Bowler, but that’s more to the credit of Drew Brees’ quick release and pocket presence and the how overall uneducated the Pro-Bowl voting public is. Bushrod may have two Pro-Bowl appearances, but has never been close to being voted an All-Pro by the writers, who tend to be much more tuned in to the game than common fans. That shows they don’t value him much.

The Saints also don’t value him much as they were content to let him leave. Drew Brees has one of the quickest releases in the NFL and some of the best pocket presence. The Saints don’t value the left tackle position as much for that reason and I think that’s smart of them. Bushrod has made 68 starts over the last 4 seasons, including the post-season, and has allowed just 20 sacks, including 11 in his last 3 seasons, but he’s also allowed 205 combined hits and hurries. He’s really a middling talent that Drew Brees made look better than he is.

While it’s true the Bears had a massive need at tackle, their bigger need was at right tackle. Ironically, as maligned as J’Marcus Webb is, he was ProFootballFocus’ 47th ranked offensive tackle this year and Bushrod was just 44th. Both were league average players. While Bushrod’s presence will allow Webb to move to right tackle and fill that massive need, 36 million over 5 years with 17.7 million guaranteed is way too much to pay for a middling talent by a team that didn’t need offensive tackle help as direly as people thought.

Grade: D




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