Seattle Seahawks extend WR Percy Harvin

Yesterday, I went against the convention and went opposed to the Seahawks trading a 1st rounder for Percy Harvin. I felt that a 1st round pick was too much to give up for him for a one year rental and that he wouldn’t be worth the type of money he was expecting on any potential extension. I get into my reasoning more here. However, this contract is less than I was expecting so I like this extension a little more than I like this trade.

Harvin will get 67 million over 6 years with 14.5 million guaranteed. That guaranteed number is a little misleading. They can technically cut him after a year without owing him more money, but another 11 million is guaranteed for injury only. The only reason the Vikings would ever cut Harvin after one season is if he were to get injured and in that case, they’ll have to pay out the extra 11 million, so it’s essentially 25.5 million guaranteed. It’s still an overpay for various reasons I talked about yesterday, but he’s getting less yearly than Mike Wallace and Dwayne Bowe so it’s not awful. I still think the Vikings ended up winners.

Grade: B




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