2018 NFL Season Predictions

AFC East

New England 13-3

NY Jets 4-12

Miami 4-12

Buffalo 3-13

AFC North

Pittsburgh 10-6

Cincinnati 8-8

Cleveland 7-9

Baltimore 6-10

AFC South

Tennessee 10-6

Jacksonville 10-6

Houston 8-8

Indianapolis 5-11

AFC West

LA Chargers 10-6

Denver 9-7

Kansas City 7-9

Oakland 6-10

NFC East

Philadelphia 13-3

Dallas 8-8

Washington 8-8

NY Giants 4-12

NFC North

Green Bay 12-4

Minnesota 10-6

Chicago 9-7

Detroit 6-10

NFC South

Atlanta 11-5

New Orleans 11-5

Carolina 6-10

Tampa Bay 5-11

NFC West

LA Rams 10-6

Seattle 10-6

San Francisco 7-9

Arizona 6-10

AFC Wild Card

Tennessee over Denver

LA Chargers over Jacksonville

NFC Wild Card

Atlanta over Seattle

LA Rams over New Orleans

AFC Divisional

New England over Tennessee

LA Chargers over Pittsburgh

NFC Divisional

Philadelphia over LA Rams

Green Bay over Atlanta

AFC Championship

New England over LA Chargers

NFC Championship

Green Bay over Philadelphia

Super Bowl

New England over Green Bay

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