Jared Odrick

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May 122012


Defensive tackle/3-4 defensive end 

Penn State

6-5 304

40 time: 4.98

Overall prospect rank: #23

Overall defensive tackle rank: #4

Overall rating: 85*

1/27/10: After Suh and McCoy go off the board early, Odrick makes a great case to be the next 3-4 defensive end chosen by displaying great agility, size, and hand use this week. He could also push Brian Price to be the 3rd defensive tackle chosen as well. 

1/20/10: Very good agility for his size and good use of his hands to shed blockers, but a DUI back in March of 2009 could hurt his stock. He fits one gap penetrating schemes and also as a 3-4 defensive end. I think he actually would be better at the next level as a 3-4 defensive end which is good because a ton of teams have switched to the 3-4 lately creating a bigger need for natural 3-4 defensive ends like Odrick.

            10/17/09: Jared Odrick moves extremely well for someone of his size and gets after the quarterback with a great motor and great tenacity. He has 4 sacks already in this young season through only 5 games. His agility and his motor make him a perfect fit for 3-4 defensive end because he both has size and the ability to get off the edge and create pressure on the quarterback. He can play some 4-3 under tackle as a one gap penetrator. He doesn’t have elite size and could be stronger against the run, but when paired with a bigger guy in the middle, he can create a lot of pressure and havoc in the backfield, both tackling running backs for a loss and getting after the quarterback. Does not have the strongest initial burst and does not always play with the correct leverage. He won’t fit in all schemes. He’ll fit most 3-4 schemes, but not most 4-3 schemes because he is a liability against the run for his position. However, he will have an extremely important role in the NFL as a 3-4 defensive end, as more teams are switching to the 3-4, and as a one gap penetrator in certain schemes such as zone schemes and cover 2 schemes. 

NFL Comparison: Tony Brown

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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