Kickers 2011

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May 122012


Updated 4/9/11


Scoring System 

100 Once in a decade prospect 
95-99 Elite talent 
90-95 Solid top 10 pick 
85-90 Solid first round pick 
80-85 Late 1st-early 2nd 
75-80 Solid 2nd round pick 
70-75 Solid 3rd round pick 
65-70 3rd-4th round pick 
60-65 4th-5th round pick 
55-60 5th round pick 
50-55 6th round pick 
45-50 7th round pick 
40-45 Undrafted, invite to training camp 
30-40 Career practice squader 
20-30 No NFL future 
0-20 No football future 


1. Alex Henery 52 (Nebraska)

2. Josh Jasper 49 (LSU)

3. Kai Forbath 47 (UCLA)

4. Thomas Weber 44 (Arizona State)

5. Wes Bryum 41 (Auburn)




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