Jul 112012

According to NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora, Matt Forte is unlikely to sign an extension with the Bears before next Monday’s deadline. La Canfora describes talks between the two parties as “fruitless” and says that the chances a deal is reached in time are “weak.” This makes sense, given everything that’s happened this offseason, including the Bears pissing off Matt Forte by signing Michael Bush to a 4 year deal to be a potential replacement, the Bears saying that they’re unsure of Matt Forte’s health even though he had never missed a game before last year, and Forte laughing at the notion that his health is a problem.

Forte has already given assurances that he won’t miss any regular season games, but he could skip some of Training Camp in protest. This season might be his final with the Bears as they’re unlikely to franchise him again next offseason at a 20% increased price and Forte might not be inclined to resign with the team after how they’ve treated him this offseason.

That being said, he’ll continue to be the lead back for the Bears, with Bush being a pure backup like he was in Oakland before last year behind Darren McFadden. With a healthy Cutler and Forte, along with the addition of Brandon Marshall, and the removal of Mike Martz, who never fit, as offensive coordinator, the Bears should be one of the better teams in the league this year.

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