Myron Lewis Scout

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May 122012



6-2 203

40 time: 4.45

Draft board overall prospect rank: #58

Draft board safety rank: #7

Overall rating: 77*

            Myron Lewis suffers from the Sean Smith dilemma. Lewis played well over the last two years as a cornerback for Vanderbilt with 9 picks, 13 pass deflections, and 5 sacks and he has good size at 6-2 206, but he lacks elite speed and fluidity. He struggles in back pedal and doesn’t appear to have everything necessary to be an elite cornerback at the next level, though I could see him being a good #2 or nickelback with his size, strength, and instincts. He is slower and smaller than Smith who ran a 4.49 40 at 6-4 214, but his status as a tweener between safety and cornerback, or maybe just as an unfluid corner, is the same as Smith’s was coming out of school. It does help Lewis some that Smith had a decent year at corner in Miami this year, but Lewis could still have to move to free safety next year because of his lack of elite speed, cover skills, and hip fluidity. He could be burnt by a lot of faster NFL receiver one-on-one and, unlike in college, he won’t tower over all of them either. I think he has a future in the NFL, but I’m not quite sure how he quite fits in yet. He should be either a nickel back or a free safety, but I’m not completely sure as I was not sure about Smith coming out last year.

NFL Comparison: Sean Smith

*= For a breakdown of what this means, click here


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