Nov 142012

Last week: 27 (-2)

Record: 3-6

I’ve been wondering for a few weeks, at least, why Rex Ryan hadn’t benched Mark Sanchez for Tim Tebow. It didn’t make any sense to me why (assuming he had brought Tebow in to be an alternative to Mark Sanchez) he hadn’t swapped out Sanchez, who is completing 52% of his passes for a 3-6 team, for his alternative. Well, he answered that question this week by saying, “we never brought him on here to be the starting quarterback.”

I used to just think he was stubborn, but now it appears he is a full on moron. You spent a 4th round pick and you’re paying 2.5 million dollars to someone to protect the punter and get 3-5 random touches per game? What? Even the biggest Tebow hater would have to agree that investing all of those resources in him just for this purpose is pretty moronic. It appears Rex Ryan is sticking with Mark Sanchez as first mate on this sinking ship the rest of the way and the captain should go down with the ship as well. Rex Ryan deserves what’s probably coming to him at the end of the season. Hopefully they replace him with someone who will give Tebow a shot (or trade him someone like Jacksonville). Jon Gruden is rumored to be interested in returning to coaching and he might have the biggest Tebowner of all time.


LT D’Brickashaw Ferguson: Did not allow a pressure on 31 pass block snaps, run blocked for 4 yards on 2 attempts

LG Matt Slauson: Did not allow a pressure on 31 pass block snaps, run blocked for 16 yards on 4 attempts

RG Brandon Moore: Did not allow a pressure on 31 pass block snaps, run blocked for 13 yards on 2 attempts

RE Muhammad Wilkerson: 1 quarterback hit and 1 quarterback hurry on 22 pass rush snaps, 5 solo tackles, 3 assists, 4 stops

LE Mike DeVito: 1 sack and 1 quarterback hurry on 19 pass rush snaps, 4 solo tackles, 4 stops

ROLB Bryan Thomas: 2 quarterback hits and 1 quarterback hurry on 16 pass rush snaps, 5 solo tackles, 1 assist, 3 stops


QB Mark Sanchez: 9 of 22 for 124 yards and an interception, 2 drops, 2 batted passes, 1 hit as thrown, 53.5 adjusted QB rating, pressured on 5 of 25 drop backs (3 sacks, 1 of 2, 1 hit as thrown)

RB Shonn Greene: Rushed for 58 yards (28 after contact) on 15 attempts, caught 1 pass for 5 yards on 1 attempt

FB Lex Hilliard: Caught 1 pass for 9 yards on 2 attempts, 1 drop, run blocked for 26 yards on 5 attempts, allowed 1 sack and 1 quarterback hurry on 2 pass block snaps, rushed for 0 yards (1 after contact) on 1 attempt

TE Dustin Keller: Caught 3 passes for 47 yards on 5 attempts on 23 pass snaps, 5.0 YAC per catch, 1 drop, 1 interception when thrown to, 2 penalties

WR Stephen Hill: Did not catch a pass on 2 attempts on 25 pass snaps

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