Nov 142012

Last week: 18 (-3)

Record: 3-6

It was a very smart of Andy Reid to “rest” Michael Vick the rest of the way. He’s not making the playoffs, but he can still save his job if Nick Foles goes say 4-3. He can blame their slow start on Vick and his history developing quarterbacks will probably convince management to let Reid stick around and develop the promising young quarterback he drafted. If he Foles can’t show anything, Reid will probably be gone and a new coach will come in and probably bring in his own quarterback.

Given the history of non-1st round pick quarterbacks in the NFL (only 9 of 32 week 1 starting quarterbacks this year weren’t drafted in the first round), I say it’s more likely that Foles flops and Reid goes. It’ll be a shame. I’ve always said that for all of Reid’s faults, his work his quarterbacks outweighs them. He’s almost always fielded competitive teams. That being said, eventually a change just needs to be made, so I can understand letting him so, and if Reid decides he wants to continue coaching, he’ll get another job really quickly.

As for potential Reid replacements, look no further than Jon Gruden, who is rumored to be interested in returning to coaching. He has ties to the Eagles, having served there as an assistant in the 90s. He also might have done a little bit of foreshadowing on Monday Night Football during the Eagles/Saints, before the rumors broke. Gruden said something along the lines of “boy I tell ya if the eagles fire Andy Reid they better have someone good lined up to replace him.” If that happens, let’s just hope that ESPN doesn’t hire Andy Reid to replace Gruden on MNF.


RB LeSean McCoy: Rushed for 82 yards (48 after contact) on 16 carries, 2 broken tackles, caught 4 passes for 14 yards on 5 attempts

CB Nnamdi Asomugha: Did not allow a completion on 1 attempt, 1 pass deflection, 2 solo tackles, 2 stops, 1 missed tackle

ROLB Mychal Kendricks: Allowed 5 catches for 22 yards on 7 attempts, 1 sack on 3 blitzes, 5 solo tackles, 5 stops, 1 missed tackle

LG Evan Mathis: Allowed 2 quarterback hits on 53 pass block snaps, run blocked for 27 yards on 6 attempts

RE Trent Cole: 1 quarterback hit and 4 quarterback hurries on 22 pass rush snaps, 3 solo tackles, 1 stop

DT Cullen Jenkins: 2 sacks and 2 quarterback hurries on 19 pass rush snaps, 2 stops

DT Fletcher Cox: 2 quarterback hits and 4 quarterback hurries on 22 pass rush snaps, 1 missed tackle

C Dallas Reynolds: Allowed 1 quarterback hurry on 53 pass block snaps, run blocked for 39 yards and a touchdown on 7 attempts


RG Dennis Kelly: Allowed 1 sack, 1 quarterback hit, and 3 quarterback hurries on 53 pass block snaps, run blocked for 15 yards on 4 attempts

LT Demetress Bell: Allowed 2 sacks, 1 quarterback hit, and 2 quarterback hurries on 53 pass block snaps, 2 penalties

SS Nate Allen: Allowed 5 catches for 60 yards and a touchdown on 5 attempts, 6 solo tackles, 1 missed tackle

CB Dominique Rodgers Cromartie: Allowed 3 catches for 87 yards and a touchdown on 5 attempts, 1 penalty, 1 solo tackle, 1 assist, 1 missed tackle

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