May 122012


Offensive Tackle 


6-5 314

40 time: 4.88

Draft board overall prospect rank: #36

Draft board offensive tackle rank: #5

Overall rating: 81*

2/27/10: Again, speed doesn’t mean much for offensive tackles, but his 4.82 40 at 6-5 315 shows his athleticism. I think he could still drop because of lack of a true position, but the athleticism and upside is there for him to be a left tackle in this league. 

1/19/10: Too much of a tweener for me to consider him as a true first round prospect, even with his good athleticism and track record of awards in college. He isn’t a good enough pass blocker at this point to be a longterm left tackle, but he’s not enough of a big mauling run blocking to be a right tackle. His best fit would probably be as a zone blocking run tackle at this point, but with his upside he could do a lot more.

            8/4/09: Trent Williams is an extremely athletic offensive tackle. He has played right tackle and some guard in the first 3 years of his college career, but with Phil Loadholt now a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Williams will play left tackle for Oklahoma, a position better suited to his skill set. He projects as a left tackle longterm, because he’s a better pass protector than run blocker, but the fact that he has played some right tackle makes him more attractive to some NFL teams. He still has a lot to prove. His athleticism makes him a first round lock, but if he can impress at left tackle next season, against tough competition in the Big 12, he could shoot up into the top 10. Left tackle is a position of great need in the NFL and a position that is not very deep in this year’s draft class. He’s got good size and long arms. He runs well for his size and has great quickness. He claims to have run a 40 at 4.82, which for his size would be amazing, but most places have him unofficially listed at just over 5 seconds. We’ll have to how he does at the combine. 40 times don’t matter much for offensive tackles, but it could help him show off his great athleticism, and make him very attractive to Al Davis, which might not be a good thing. He isn’t an overpowering blocker. He’s better at pass protecting than run blocking, but both need work. He fits much better in a zone blocking system, rather than a man blocking system where he lacks the strength to overpower defenders one-on-one. He has high potential and plays a position of great need so he’s a first round lock, though a strong season this season could shoot him up draft boards.

NFL Comparison: Chris Williams

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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