Brandon Weeden Scout



Oklahoma State

6-4 221

Draft board overall prospect rank: #196

Draft board overall quarterback rank: #10

Overall rating: 53 (6th rounder)

40 time: 4.95

Games watched: Oklahoma State/Texas A&MTexas/Oklahoma StateOklahoma State/Oklahoma


·         NFL caliber arm

·         NFL built (6-4 221)

·         Can make all the throws

·         Incredibly productive over 2 seasons as a starter (2011: 72.3%, 8.4 YPA, 37/13 TD/INT, 2010: 66.9%, 8.4 YPA, 34/13 TD/INT)

·         Mature

·         Athletic (5 years as a minor league pitcher)

·         Confident

·         Trusts his arm (gunslinger mentality)

·         Winner in a tough conference (23-3)

·         Won a lot of shoot outs

·         Beat Landry Jones, Robert Griffin, and Ryan Tannehill this season (signature win against Texas A&M)


·         Age (29 in October)

·         Questionable decision making

·         Gunslinger who forces things

·         Overly confident in his arm on occasion

·         Gets flustered under pressure

·         Footwork needs work

·         Not a running threat

·         Very little under center experience

·         Possible system quarterback

·         Had a lot of talent around him

NFL Comparison: Jake Plummer

If Brandon Weeden were 22 or 23, I’d have a 2nd round grade or so on him. I’m tough on quarterbacks. Basically, I’d have him lower than Brock Osweiler, who I love and think is incredibly underrated, and higher than Ryan Tannehill, who is very athletic, but raw, less experienced, less productive than Weeden, who he lost to head to head.

Weeden certainly has the upside to be an NFL starter, but I don’t think he’s quite ready. His major issues are his pocket presence and his tendency to force things. He’s got a great arm and he knows it, but he tends to make risky throws and overestimate his own abilities. Under pressure, his decision making gets worse.

These aren’t uncorrectable problems and some elements of being a gunslinger can be very useful (just ask Brett Favre), but he needs to learn to reign in his abilities. He’ll also need to learn to read more complex defenses (not a lot of those in the Big 12), play under center (he didn’t do a lot of that at Oklahoma State), and run a Pro Style offense (again, didn’t do a lot of that at Oklahoma State). For this reason, I don’t think he’s someone who can start right away.

That would be fine if he were 22 or 23, but he’s 29 in October. He’s already older than Aaron Rodgers, thanks to a 5 year failed minor league baseball career. This has some benefits. He’s mature and can handle professional sports and it shows he’s athletic. However, teams won’t have a lot of time to wait around on him. He’s a risk and a prospect who wouldn’t be able to start week 1. For this reason, I have a late round grade on him.

However, because of the demand for quarterbacks in the NFL, he could actually go in the first round. I expect him to be something who throws a lot of interceptions as he faces more complex defenses and continues to make risky throws as a habit. He’ll improve as his career goes along, but he won’t have a very long career because of his age.

I compare him to Jake Plummer because he threw a lot of interceptions early in his career before finally settling down once he teamed up with Mike Shanahan. Also, Plummer’s career wasn’t very long because he decided to retire unexpectedly (with 161 career interceptions). He also was a good athlete who played multiple sports in High School and became a professional hand ball player after his early retirement. 



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